2011 Summer Reading List

2011 Summer Reading List

I remember when I was a student we would be given summer reading lists. You remember those lists, from Caldecott Medal winners to the local public library’s recommended reading broken down by genre and grade level. Now that I don’t have a prescribed summer reading list, I’m looking for suggestions. I’ve already seen my seminary reading list for the fall and it’s not light. Theology and ethics and a scripture elective usually aren’t.

In fact, since I majored in English years ago, I feel like I haven’t done a good job in reading things off my class reading list. I have a few I’m reading now, but I’d love to hear what’s on your list.

I’m not too picky about genre–I welcome something that’s not theology/church/faith related, frankly.

Here’s what I’ve got lined up now, in no particular order:

Blue Like Jazz

Velvet Elvis

Your Neighbor’s Hymnal

Traveling Mercies

Desiring the Kingdom