Surprise us with your joy

Surprise us with your joy

I woke up early this morning. I’ve been waking up early every morning, in fact, for the past couple weeks. 7:30am might not be so early, but when you live ten minutes from work, you learn to get ready and zoom down to work in thirty minutes.

When I get up this early, my first desire is to make myself fall back asleep. You see, I’ve trained myself that there’s no need to get up earlier than I need to. For what would I do with that time? But in these few weeks, I’ve learned–I’ve enjoyed–laying in bed listening to the birds sing, to the cars drive by, to the stillness and promise that the morning brings, to the barely audible but recognizable voice of God.

This morning was especially difficult. I woke up feeling restless and unsettled. I’m sure it is residual from some of the processing I’ve been doing around beginnings and endings of relationships, vocation and the perpetual question, “What do you want for me and of me, God?”

As I move through this day and the coming days, may I continue to be surprised by the joy that comes with knowing the God who does not let us go in our wanderings and in our restlessness; in our finding and in our knowing; in our questioning and in our discovery.

A prayer for mid day

Spirit of restlessness, be our vision when we do not have the eyes to perceive.
Walk with us in the shadows and in the wind, in the mid-day sun and in the fog.
Call us home when our wanderings and our searching have led us to places unfamiliar and strange.
Renew us with your joy, that our lives might resound with praise.